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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds video teaches you how to jump out of windows like a ninja

Getting trapped in a house in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as grenades continue to come through the window sucks.

Though you may think the doors are your only way out, many of the house's windows can also provide great escape routes. You won't only be saving yourself, but potentially also flanking your attackers.

Pulling this off can be tricky, though, but this video from YouTuber chocoTaco does a great a job of showing the different windows you'll find in PUBG and how you can use the surrounding objects to climb through them.

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The key thing here is to climb to the object near the window, be it table, desk, or whatever else. Once you're on top, crouching and moving towards the window is all that's left to do. Some require you to go prone, if they're on the same level as the window.

You don't even need to break the glass for this to work, as you can see he's simply phasing through it. It looks a bit broken, but it'll greatly help you pull off a quick escape when you need to.

Sometime later, PUBG will be getting vaulting animations that include a jump-out-the-window move. We're not sure yet when these will become available, but we can't wait for them. In the meantime, glitching will do.

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