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Players are already being super creative with their For Honor emblem ideas

As ever, the ingenuity of players let loose on a creation system is something to behold.

A lot of competitive multiplayer games these days feature some sort of emblem or logo creator, and that logo often shows up somewhere on your character. As a result, they're usually quite small, but given the medieval theme of For Honor, these emblems are a very real, universe-appropriate thing.

Players have already been going nuts with the emblem creator, and some of the emblem ideas they've had are pretty impressive. We figured it'd be worth pulling a couple of our favourites, though there's now an entire subreddit dedicated to For Honor emblems.


First up, I want to note it's not all references. I'm about to drop a ton of nerdy, referential emblem designs below, but there are a ton of really impressive all-original ones around such as these incredible dragon and phoenix designs:


With that incredible work nodded to, let's now note that somebody made a whole lot of emoji. There's your usual heart-eyed faces and sobbing faces and the like, but the gallery also features a pretty damn good poop emoji emblem. As you do.


If you fancy being the very best...


Or being a Vanguard from a world very different to For Honor's...


One hopes you don't die as much in For Honor as in Dark Souls, else your team would be pretty mad...


And no matter your comic book allegiance, both Marvel and DC are already well represented:


It seems a natural fit to get an emblem based on class TV show Vikings, right?


For Honor is a Ubisoft game with a basis on historic figures and societies? Hmm, where have we heard that before?


Okay, there's more Marvel emblems. Mainly I'm digging this Venom one.


Also, here's a Wu Tang emblem. Yeah. This game is alright.


Anyway, the point is - fans are already making amazing stuff, and many of these links have tutorials - and even those who don't, hey, they're free emblem ideas for your brain, like. There's loads more over on the reddit. It's certainly made me want to give For Honor's emblem creator a little more love.

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