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Pikmin 4 download cards reveal split-screen features, treasures, and a house we can explore

Green Oatchi!?

Image credit: Nintendo

We’ve not long to wait before Pikmin 4 will be in the hands of keen fans, and download cards are now already appearing in Japan (first reported by NintendoLife).

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These Pikmin 4 download cards are accompanied by fresh screenshots from the game, and reveal some fancy new features that fans can look forward to. Shared in a tweet from TokyoGameLife, the cards show off split-screen multiplayer, new treasures, and more.

When it comes to split-screen multiplayer, one player will be able to support the other by shooting with a reticle. The illustrations on the download card make it look as though one player job will be to control the Pikmin, while the other plays as our space-faring captain, and it doesn’t look like online multiplayer is going to be supported. This is a shame for those looking forward to playing with friends across the ‘net.

Characters are also now able to go inside the house in Pikmin 4, which is a first! This has led some fans to compare Pikmin 4 to Chibi-Robo!, a GameCube adventure game from 2005 all about helping humans and spreading happiness. Some are even hoping Chibi-Robo will turn up in Pikmin 4, and with Shigeru Miyamoto having produced Chibi-Robo! and created Pikmin, it’s a possibility. Though, not a possibility I am confident in.

On top of this, there appears to already be an abundance of new treasures to collect, including beach balls, fidget spinners, and origami. The download card also reveals that the game has been built in Unreal Engine, and even shows off rock Pikmin alongside a green Oatchi!

Ultimately, this is a feast for Pikmin fans, and those who have seen the news have taken to the r/Pikmin subreddit to share their glee. That said, some are rather disappointed over how the co-op mode is looking, and the lack of online-multiplayer. Alas, we’ll see next month whether Pikmin 4 meets the expectations of players or not.

Pikmin 4 will release on July 21 for Nintendo Switch.

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