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Persona 5 Flower Shop Guide - How to Gain Kindness and Yen

Early in on Persona 5, the player can undertake a fairly easy job at the Flower Shop in Shibuya, using the job to both earn Yen and gain some Kindness points fairly quickly.

In the Underground Mall section of the Shibuya region is the Persona 5 Flower Shop which, as well as presenting a good opportunity to earn Yen from, is also extremely useful for gaining a good amount of Kindness fairly quickly. In this Persona 5 Flower Shop Guide we'll tell you all you need to know about ths useful shop.

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Persona 5 Flower Shop Guide

There aren't any challenges as such to be found at the Persona 5 Flower Shop, unlike the Big Bang Burger Challenge at the restaurant of the same name, but you can undertake some fairly rudimentary tasks at the store.

Getting a part-time job in Persona 5 is surprisingly easy, as there aren't any interviews or barriers you have to clear, all you have to do is find the part-time job stand in Shibuya Station after being prompted by Morgana, and place a call to the Flower Shop.

The benefits of the Flower Shop are mainly that while earning a decent amount of Yen (3,200 per shift), you can also work at the shop either during the day or during the evening, making it extremely flexible when fitting in around your school schedule.

Aside from this, you'll also earn a few points in the Kindness category every time you work at the Flower Shop. The standard amount of points to gain from any single shift is two, but this can either be increased or decreased based on your performance when asked to assemble a bunch of flowers for specific customer orders. Get the order right and you're in for a treat with your Kindness stat, but get the order wrong and you could end up gaining little to no points at all for the shift.

Persona 5 How to Increase Kindness

If you'd instead rather not take on a part-time role at the Flower Shop, you can instead head there to purchase the Bio Nutrients item, which you can then use on the dead plant in your attic room at Cafe LeBlanc.

While the plant itself will take a few days to fully heal, you'll instantly earn a few points towards your Kindness stat once you've done this, and applying the Bio Nutrients to the plant can be repeated after a few days to earn another batch of Kindness points.

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Now that we've covered the essentials on getting a part-time job at the Flower Shop and using it in order to better your Kindness stat, you should have no problem levelling up and using the stat to accomplish other tasks in the game, like spending time with Ann.

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