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Persona 5 countdown will end with a livestream

Persona 5 details are coming, don't you worry.


Persona 5 countdown heralds a livestream

The Persona 5 website has been home to a countdown for some time, and fans have been wildly speculating as to what it could anticipate. An announcement? A trailer? A surprise release?

Well, wonder no more: at the end of the countdown, there'll be a special livestreamed event for Japanese audiences. The stream was announced both on the game's website and on Nico Nico, which will host the stream.

You can tune into the stream at 9:30pm May 5 Japan time, but if you don't speak Japanese it may be better to wait for reports to filter in. Can we expect a release date? Cross your fingers, hey.

Earlier this week fans were amazed when a website leak supposedly outed a June release date and simultaneous PC, PS4 and Xbox One ship. This turned out to be the joking product of a website hack - well, we say hack, but that leaves off the bit where the perpetrator announced that Atlus's password was a game title (you can see screenshots of this on Kotaku).

Atlus US PR manager John Hardin kept a sense of humour about the incident, which is pretty classy:

It's possible Atlus elected to announce the livestream to put an end to speculation about the countdown before further eruptions of enthusiasm caused its audience to suffer apoplexies.

Persona 5 is expected this year, exclusively for PS4. It features a group of young delinquents who lead secret night lives of thievery, and was partially inspired by Lupin III. Here's everything we know about Persona 5 (not very much).

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