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Payday 2 Heist DLC created in collaboration with DJ Alesso announced

Starbreeze is collaborating with DJ and music producer Alesso for new Payday 2 DLC called the Alesso Heist.

It will also include an original music track from Alesso's upcoming album Forever.

The DLC will be made available for $ 6.99/€ 6.99 on PC through Steam and other digital distribution channels.

It features:

  • A heist designed together with Alesso, taking place during one of his concerts
  • A new song written by Alesso, titled "PAYDAY" to be featured in the heist and released as part of his new album "Forever"
  • Alesso making an in-game appearance as himself
  • A new ranged weapon for Payday 2
  • Four new masks together with their respective material and patterns, designed by Alesso
  • Four new melee weapons
  • Four new achievements to complete

More information about the Heist will be available in May.

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