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Palworld already has a VR mod, letting you truly feel the horror of what you're doing

Sounds a bit too immersive for me personally, thanks very much.

A sprinting Pal with an assault rifle in Palworld.
Image credit: VG247/Pocketpair

Despite only releasing last Friday, Palworld already has a VR mod, letting you get up close and personal with the "Pokemon with guns" game.

Palworld has very quickly found a lot of popularity, as it's already become the second most popular paid game on Steam in a matter of days. A lot of that success definitely comes down to the fact it answers the question "what if Pokemon had guns, and also it was a survival game?" But even with that popularity, it's slightly surprising that there's already a mod that lets you play the game in VR. The mod in question, simply called UEVR, comes from praydog, and it's technically a universal VR mod that can be applied to any game built in Unreal Engine, which Palworld was.

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Right now, as you can see in the video above from Paradise Decay (thanks, PCGamesN), the VR capabilities are a bit simple, mostly just allowing for a first-person VR perspective. It's up to you to set the angle right, as you can move the position of the VR camera so it's at a suitable height. Controls wise, you can use your usual controller, whatever your brand allegiance might be, or map the buttons to any VR controllers you might have. Looking at the footage above, it seems to work very well, and you can have it so that you can still look around with the right analogue stick if you're playing while sitting down.

Palworld released into early access last week, and as mentioned, has quickly found a lot of success - within three days, more than five million copies have already been sold, which is extra impressive when you consider it's on Xbox Game Pass. Kelsey's Palworld early access review saw them having fun with the game, and is looking forward to playing it with friends, though did come away "disappointed in how unoriginal it often feels."

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