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Palworld popularity soars: 19 million players dive into monster-taming adventure

Proving once again, people will play anything with cute monsters.

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There are now officially more Palworld players than competitive dog groomers worldwide. We think. We’re not too versed in such things; however, we are sure that player numbers are 19 million strong and growing.

Palworld also recently arrived on Xbox, and within its first ten days, amassed more than 7 million players. It is also the biggest third-party launch in Game Pass history and the most-played third-party day-one release via cloud gaming with Game Pass Ultimate.

Palworld Game Preview Launch Trailer - Xbox/PCWatch on YouTube

Player numbers have grown exponentially since the game went into Early Access earlier this month, and on Xbox alone, it reached a peak of nearly three million daily active users. On Steam, where it is currently the top-selling game on the platform, it hit an all-time peak of 2,101,867 concurrent players. As of press time, there are currently 718,723 players in-game, and over 12 million have played the game through Steam.

If you are unfamiliar with the current sensation, Palworld is an online open-world game set in a mysterious land where you can capture over 100 Pals. These monsters come with a range of abilities whether it be in battle or surviving the hostile world. You can peacefully coexist with Pals and use them to fight, work on farms or in factories, and you can even sell or eat them. The land features vicious poachers roaming the countryside, and other dangers you will have to face.

There is more to the game than that, so check it out for yourself.

It also features multiplayer, trading, and online co-op with up to four players. A dedicated server can host up to 32 players. PvP will be implemented in a future update, and the maximum number of players playable on the same server will also increase in a future update.

Palworld is available now for PC through Steam and Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S through the Game Preview program. It’s available for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members and can be played through Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

If you are considering grabbing the game for yourself, be sure to check out Kelsey’s Palworld Early Access review beforehand. Already playing and need a bit of help? We have you covered with quite a few guides to get you started. Here’s a Palworld-type chart that lists strengths and weaknesses, this guide teaches you how to ride Pals, and you can find even more guides through our Palworld hub.

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