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OXM gives Far Cry 2 9/10, calling it "this year's equivalent of Assassin's Creed"

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OXM's next issue will contain the mag's Far Cry 2 review, and it's a nine.

"Far Cry 2 is this year's equivalent of Assassin's Creed... when it comes to enveloping the player in exotic sights and sounds, Ubisoft has absolutely nailed it," says the piece.

"What separates Far Cry 2 from other shooters of this ilk is that there really aren't any rules to follow."

As for the much talked about map editor, "the custom map feature makes Halo 3's editor look like a joke."

On the game's difficulty, the reviewer says that "it provides a truly refreshing level of difficulty for the hardcore."

According to this CVG piece, the Official PlayStation Mag's also give it a nine.

The review sounds glowing: "We're in a massively exciting period for FPS games and, along with contemporaries like Mirror's Edge, Bioshock and Fallout 3, this is an essential chapter in the new wave of shooters."

PC Gamer has already given the game 94 percent.

Far Cry 2's out on October 24.

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