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Overwatch hero guide: Mercy

The guardian angel, Mercy heals and buffs allies as they fight the good fight.


Overwatch hero guide: Mercy

Role: Support

Mercy is a true support hero. She can deal damage when necessary, but her strength is following, healing and buffing allies.

Latest updates for Mercy

Her team member bolstering healing ability has received an upgrade, with her now healing at a 20% increase, and the allies she brings back from the brink of death will now be mobile after 2.25 seconds instead of the full 3. Unfortunately, her staffs damage output amplifier no longer stacks with another friendly Mercy’s, and her Ultimate charge cost has received a 30% increase.

Strong against: Mercy's pure support. She isn't particularly strong against any other character.

Weak against: Widowmaker, McCree, Tracer

Mercy's abilities

Angelic Descent

Tapping the jump button will slow down Mercy, allowing her to regulate her movement and throw off an enemy's aim. It also heals Mercy.

Caduceus Staff

Primary fire allows Mercy to tether to an ally and heal them for as long as they are connected. Secondary fire allows Mercy to tether an ally and buff their damage output. Both tethers will remain while the hero stays within Mercy's line of sight.

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Caduceus Blaster

This attack is weak at long range but actually surprisingly effective close up. There's a pause swapping between Mercy's staff and blaster during which she cannot attack, so be careful of drawing the gun when you don't absolutely need it.

Guardian Angel

Targeting an ally, Guardian Angel allows Mercy to fly quickly and directly towards them. Great if they need help from the Caduceus Staff, but also handy for Mercy to get out of a fight.

Ultimate Ability: Resurrect

Mercy brings back to life dead allies within a radius. This has the potential to change the flow of battles, so make sure she's always close to another teammate, or use Guardian Angel to get to bodies quickly.

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Mercy strategy tips

  • Team Mercy up with other heroes. She can heal and buff them and in return they can keep her protected as she's always going to be a high priority target.
  • Priortise Resurrect to save multiple allies over a single player. Be strategic with Mercy as she's the best healer in the game and her abilities shouldn't be wasted.
  • Be careful before you use Guardian Angel. Don't leap into a trap or incoming crossfire.
  • Switch between healing and buffing with the Caduceus Staff to keep an ally topped up and dealing significant damage.

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