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As Overwatch 2's Halloween Terror event kicks off, fans can’t stop complaining about poor value

Back in the day, you'd get these Overwatch Halloween Terror events and all their themed loot boxes for free – now, it costs $40 for two skins.

Back in the day, the Overwatch Halloween Terror events were something the community came together to celebrate. The event first kicked off way back in 2016, the same year the first game launched. The seasonal event would then kick off every year after, featuring exclusive cosmetics, seasonal loot boxes, and an exclusive brawl in the form of Junkenstein's Revenge.

Hey, at least the game looks nice!

Now that we're in a new era with Overwatch 2, and the original is no longer playable at all, we're having to make do with the new interpretation of the event. And players aren't happy.

Heading on over to the Overwatch subreddit, you can see the community complaining about the value of this event compared to what we saw back in the heady loot box-filled days of the Overwatch.

The top post on the social media platform today reads "remember when the game was rewarding to play?" and simply shows a picture of what you may have gotten from a loot box (exaggerated for comic effect), versus what you need to pay – $40 – for two of the new skins.

Then, you've got the next two most popular posts today – the morning of the day that the event goes live. One simply states "no skins as rewards for playing the Halloween event sucks" and the other is a comparison of what $40 gets you in Overwatch 2, compared to what it could have nabbed you in Overwatch (embedded below).

Continue browsing the subreddit – or take a glance at the Overwatch tag on Twitter – and you'll see that this is a common theme running throughout the community; people are irritated by the way Halloween Terror is being rolled out in Overwatch 2, and they're being very vocal about it. On the back of how unpopular the battle pass already is and the game's botched launch, this is yet another controversy Blizzard could have done without.

At least we all get this free Reaper skin 'cus of that bad launch...

Perhaps my favourite comment from any of the threads I've been browsing this morning is this, buried deep in the conversation of the first embed in this article: "Seeing someone in a cool skin turned from 'wow, how did you get that? I want it!' into 'lol you paid for that? the f**k you doing'." That's probably not the optic Blizzard wants for its game, right?

From today until November 9, playing the event will net you the Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn Name Card, the Jack-o'-Lantern Weapon Charm and Battle Pass XP.

If you do want a skin from all this, you will need to tune into Overwatch 2 Twitch streams to unlock a Werewolf Winston spray and legendary skin. It's not the same as playing to unlock them, though, is it?

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