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Outer Wilds Ember Twin: Sunless City, High Energy Lab, Angler Fish Fossil

There’s a bunch of cool stuff to be found on The Ember Twin in Outer Wilds. Here’s how to get there.

Outer Wilds offers up a handful of small planets and celestial bodies to visit and explore. Each has its own puzzles, quirks, and secrets, and there’s plenty waiting to kill you if you’re not careful. One of the largest planets in Outer Wilds is Ember Twin, a rocky mess of cave systems and rising sand. To visit the High Energy lab and the Sunless City, you’ll need to get into the core of the Ember Twin. In this Outer Wilds Ember Twin Guide, we’ll take a look at how to get to the Sunless City, and then the High Energy lab. We’ll also take a look at how to get to the Angler Fish Fossil hidden in the cave system.

How to Get to the Sunless City in Outer Wilds

Getting to the Sunless City in Outer Wilds can be pretty tricky. You’ll need to act fast once you’ve landed on Ember Twin, as the cave system below will gradually fill with sand over time. First, fly towards Ember Twin and then look for the beam of light next to an Escape Pod.

Land next to the Escape Pod and head inside. Make your way through the pod, and down to the escape hatch. You’ll enter a cave system. Luckily for you, there are markings on the walls which will lead you to the Sunless City.

Follow the trail until you reach a large door. Turn around and head up the staircase here. You’ll reach a viewing platform where an Angler Fish Fossil is held. Fire your Scout into its mouth and backtrack back to the door.

Congratulations, you’ve now located the Sunless City. From here you can head to the switches up above, with trees nearby. These switches will illuminate each path described by the marking on each switch.

Outer Wilds Angler Fish Fossil

If you want to get past the Angler Fish in Dark Bramble, you’ll need to learn the clue given by visiting the Angler Fish Fossil. If you followed the steps above, you’ll have visited the Angler Fish Viewing Platform and fired your Scout into its mouth. Now, activate the switch for Stepping Stone Cave. Head through the cave, and follow the Scout marker to the Angler Fish. You’ll find logs nearby revealing that Angler Fish are actually blind, which you can use to your advantage later on.

Outer Wilds High Energy Lab

To get to the High Energy lab, start a new loop and head to the Sunless City using the method outlined above. Once at the switches, use the switch for High Energy lab.

You’ll find the door to the High Energy Lab right at the bottom of the cave. Be quick, as sand will be filling up the room at this point. Follow the blue cable until you reach a sandfall with spiky plants around it.

You’ll need to wait for the sand to fill the pit and cover the plants before proceeding. Once you’re through, you need to head around the path and up the grav lift. You may encounter Quantum Objects here, so just keep switching your flashlight on and off to move them. You’ll then reach the High Energy Lab.

Outer Wilds High Energy Lab Explained

The High Energy Lab is a hugely important location in Outer Wilds. It is where the Nomai tested their time travel theories based on the findings at the White Hole Station. They concluded that while they could cause objects to arrive before they were sent in time, if they wanted to increase the negative time interval they would need more power. This leads them onto the Ash Twin Project, and the creation of an advanced warp core.

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