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Outer Wilds Ash Twin Core - How to Reach the Ash Twin Project and Get the Warp Core

To finish Outer Wilds, you’ll need the Warp Core from the Ash Twin Project. Here’s how.

To get to the end of Outer Wilds, you’ll need to get an advanced Warp Core. There’s one hidden away as part of the Ash Twin Project, though getting there is very tricky indeed. To help you out, we’ve put together this Outer Wilds Ash Twin Core Guide. We’ll explain how to get to the Ash Twin Project in Outer Wilds. We’ll also explain how to get the Advanced Warp Core once you’re inside. There’s also a bunch of story info inside the Ash Twin Core, so we’ll be taking a look at what it all means for the universe as a whole.

Outer Wilds Ash Twin Core

To get to the Ash Twin Project, you’ll need to head deep into the core of Ash Twin. Problem is, there’s no obvious way down, though if you’re familiar with the warp towers on Ash Twin, you might have guessed how to get there. First off, head to Ash Twin, and land on one of the poles.

Now, wait for the Ash on the planet to be pulled up by Ember Twin. You’ll need to wait for three full passes, so that you can see the tower shown in the image below:

The two towers here represent the Hourglass Twins, with the broken one representing the Ash Twin. This is the one you want to focus on.

Once more ash has been removed, you’ll be able to hide underneath the bridge connecting the two towers. Wait until the Ash passes overhead, and once you are directly under it, run into the broken tower.

You will warp into the Ash Twin Core. In this room, there’s a lot of story info to learn. There’s also a large switch, so go ahead and drag the ball across it, and up the tower.

This will open the Advanced Warp Core. You’ll need to disable the gravity using the switch to the left of the device. Once you’ve disabled it, fly up and grab the Advanced Warp Core.

Outer Wilds Advanced Warp Core

The Advanced Warp Core was created for one purpose and one purpose only. It is used to power the warp device inside the Vessel. This allows Nomai to access the Eye of the Universe. You’ll need to take the Warp Core here to finish the game. For more info on doing so, head to our Outer Wilds Vessel Guide.

Outer Wilds Ash Twin Project

The info you’ll learn while searching the Ash Twin Project charts out the series of events leading towards the time loop. The Nomai used the Sun Station to trigger a supernova to generate enough energy for forging the Advanced Warp core. Using the coordinates gained via the Orbital Probe, they could then use the vessel to visit the Eye of the Universe. The 22-minute time loop was imposed by the Nomai so that they could carry out this journey, a journey which you are also primed to go on now you have the core.

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