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One of Fallout 4's best PC mods comes to Xbox One

You can now enjoy a full dialogue interface on Fallout 4 on Xbox One, thanks to this mod.


One of Fallout 4's best PC mods comes to Xbox One

Bethesda announced last week that Fallout 4 mods will come to Xbox One today.

As previously detailed, a lot of the mods already available on PC can be easily ported over to Xbox One. Modders have already begun the work to bring their mods over to consoles, and today's mod is some of the most useful on PC.

The mod is called Full Dialogue Interface and it simply replaces the game's basic paraphrased dialogue options with full sentences, so you never have to say something you didn't want.

You add it to your library from the official mods page and it will be available in the game once the service goes live later today.

Do note, however, that like all mods, achievements will be disabled.

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