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Obsidian shoots down Sony tester's Alpha Protocol criticisms


No one - short of Sony, Sega, and maybe God - knows whether or not that leaked SCEA-Sega doc is real or not, but that hasn't stopped Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian from treating it as such. (Granted, Obsidian is working on a game about spies. Maybe it knows something we don't. Hmmm.)

Responding to a Sony tester's allegations that his company's suave, stealthy RPG is "barely RPG" and "too challenging," Obsidian marketing manager Matthew Rorie said:

"We're not really sure how much this gentleman played of Alpha Protocol, or what his ideas of an RPG are. Suffice to say, the game is 100% an RPG; we don't really make any other kind of game. You earn XP, you get levels, you choose your skill progression, you modify your weapons, you interact with NPCs (or kill/sleep with them), the world reacts to the choices you make in pretty dramatic ways, etc."

"As for what he said, obviously we enjoy any feedback that we can get, but without knowing how much of the game he played (and I seriously doubt that someone as busy as a product evaluator for Sony is going to be playing through an entire game if it's as long as Alpha Protocol), it's hard to judge what he meant by those comments. Suffice to say that Alpha Protocol is going to tickle your RPG tastebuds when it's released," Rorie added on Alpha Protocol's official forums.

There's tons more over at Shacknews.

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