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No plans to release a PC demo for Bulletstorm "at this time"

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Epic has confirmed to Blue's News that "at this time" there are no plans for a PC demo of Bulletstorm.

When asked the reason why, Blue reports that it requested comment from Mark Rein, but he wasn't available at the times for comment.

EA, which is the game's publisher, has a tendency not to release many demos for PC, despite being a staunch supporter of the platform.

From EA's website:

Computer games have the potential to reach a wide range of players, including those who don’t consider themselves enough of a “gamer” to purchase a gaming console. There are more than 1 billion PC computers in use worldwide, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of fans for every genre of PC games.

The Sims franchise alone has sold more than 100 million units by appealing to young and old, male and female, gamer and non-gamer. In fact, 65% of The Sims players are female. The franchise has managed to find so many fans in large part by appealing to their creative nature.

Electronic Arts makes some of the most popular and critically-acclaimed computer games of all time. The Sims is the world’s top-selling PC franchise and the winner of numerous awards. It is the brainchild of master game designer Will Wright, whose latest creation is the PC and Mac game Spore, another bestseller and multiple award-winner. Other recent hits from the company range from the innovative first-person shooters Mirror’s Edge and Crysis to the bestselling soccer title FIFA 10.

Electronic Arts looks to continue its tradition of innovative and compelling PC and Mac games with top-tier titles such as Dragon Age: Origins, and the online-only Battlefield Heroes. Also available is The Sims 3, the latest installment in the blockbuster franchise that exemplifies the uniquely entertaining world of PC games.

The firm has never directly commented on why it releases more demos for console than PC, but it may have something to do with games being much easier to pirate on the platform. Note, that this is just a hypothetical assumption on my part, and not a confirmed reason by EA or any developers who work with or for EA.

Still, we've contacted Epic's Mark Rein to find out if a demo for Bulletstorm will be released at some point, and if the decision to not release a PC was a developer or publisher decision. We'll let you know if he gets back with us.

Meanwhile, the game's demo is set to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 on January 25 in the US and January 26 in Europe, while the game itself is out on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 February 22 in the US and February 25 in the UK.

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