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Top Fortnite streamer Ninja earns $500,000 per month

In a recent interview with news network CNBC, professional streamer Ninja revealed that he earns around $500,000 in revenue per month from his streams and partnerships.

Professional Twitch streamer Ninja began streaming on the side around ten years ago while he worked a job and studied in college. Since then, he has built up a following that allows him to stream full-time and never have to worry about money again.

Ninja says that much of his income is from Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers, but he also earns money from ad revenue generated by his 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

On top of that, Ninja’s following on Twitter is climbing, particularly after he recently streamed a game of Fortnite with rapper Drake, and he also has a million followers on Instagram. A lot of media companies would be pleased to have the pull this solo content creator has behind him.

His secret? First, you have to really good at Fortnite. That game’s soaring popularity coupled with Ninja’s prowess means players flock to watch his high level plays unfold. Then there’s the fact that he keeps his viewers entertained at the same time.

In other words, you need to be likeable and you need to be one of the best players in the world at a popular game. It’s not just about playing games and talking - you gotta have skills.

During the CNBC interview, Ninja highlights the importance of hedging your bets if you are pursuing a similar career, particularly because of how competitive the scene is these days. Stay in school, kids!

So, what is he doing with the money? Ninja says he is investing and saving as much as he can. He also donates money to charitable organisations, pays vet bills for pets, and takes part in large charity drives for worthy causes. At least the money is going to someone with a good conscience, then.

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