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Niantic announces Campfire companion app coming to Pokemon Go this summer

The app enables players to message other users, build local communities, organize raids, coordinate events, and more.

The promised Pokemon Go social feature is coming to the game via Campfire, a social application created by Niantic Labs that helps you discover other players, places and experiences.

The new social experience is a real-world social network that starts with a map and adds people, events, communities, and messaging.

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Here, players can discover others in their local area, message one another and share content, organize events and meetups, and foster the kinds of "real-world social connections" that Niantic prefers.

Currently live in Ingress and coming soon to all Niantic experiences, Campfire will be downloaded as a separate app that can be used to form meetups for such things as raids, and to find others to play with during events or for trading.

Until then, players will just need to keep using Discord, Facebook, and Reddit to get a group going, to coordinate going besties, and for trades.

Campfire is expected to roll out sometime this summer.

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