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New World developers address server transfers, full servers, economy and more hot topics

The developers go in-depth on plenty of topics.

Double Helix and Amazon Game Studios have posted a new blog going into depth on various subjects including character transfers and full server status for New World.

With Character Transfers, it was noted that this function has been re-enabled and most players should be able to move their characters.

The team said it is “committed to making sure” the community is satisfied with where they are playing long term, and that it will continue to monitor feedback after this wave of Character Transfers is complete.

Additional transfers will be offered as needed, and they are also working on region-to-region Character Transfers, but that it’s “difficult to solve and will take time.” Information on how to transfer your character can be found here.

As far as Server Status is concerned, to ensure people who are actively playing characters on a server are not competing in a queue with new players, the team has implemented a Full Server Status to prevent new characters from being created.

The team said it will monitor the active users on each world and ensure that the Full Server Status continues to be accurate. This may mean that new players are not able to play with their established friends and that some worlds are not receiving the volume of new players that others servers may. This can have a variety of impacts so the studio promises to monitor this situation and will make real-time adjustments accordingly. It will also provide a 24 hour notice before a server is marked as full.

The blog post also covers Economy and Deflation, Economy Exploits and Coin Farming, Moderation, War Lag, Invasion Difficulty and Participation, Patch Schedule and Downtimes, how Luck works, Fishing Chests, Perks and Gems, Property Taxes, and much more. You should give it a read here if you are a New World player. Be sure to grab a cup beforehand, because it's quite long.

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