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New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet video covers terastallizing, having picnics with your Pokemon, and more

Every journey begins with a single step!

A new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer has been released, and it goes over some of the things you will be up to in the game.

It goes over all sorts of things, ranging from customization to raids, picnics, and tera-type formations.

Jump into a Paldean Journey | Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The video discusses how as a student you will participate in an independent study program called Treasure Hunt. It goes on to show four upcoming trainers' journeys as they search for a "treasure" of their own. Which we assume are Pokemon.

One trainer journey shows how you can terastallize (crystallize) your Pokemon which adds an extra punch to your Pokemon's tera-type moves. You will even come across Pokemon in the wild that will do this when battling. You will know which one can use this particular move due to the fact they sparkle. Some tera-types are different, so say you caught a normal/fairy-type Jigglypuff, its tera-type could be water.

There are 18 different tera-types and any Pokemon is capable of having one.

The video then goes on to show the Let's Go command which finds your lead Pokemon automatically heading out to battle a found Pokemon. The command will also allow your Pokemon to go pick up an item for you.

Team Star are the "troublemakers" in the game and you will come into contact with them at their base. Ring the bell and they will let you inside to battle. It looks like there are plenty of grunts at the base, and they will toss all sorts of Pokemon your way, so it's best to be prepared. Once you beat all of the grunts, you will then fight the Fire Crew Boss, Mela.

Switching over to another Trainer's journey, the video shows the game's TM Machine. This machine lets you make your own TMs.

The video then goes on to discuss Titan Pokemon and trading, it shows Girafarig's new evolution Farigiraf which looks like it is wearing a helmet, Gym Battles, Tera Raid Battles, character customization, taking selfies and other photos, and shows how you can have picnics with your Pokemon where you will play with them and even bathe them. You can also make food and certain ingredients will make certain Pokemon types easier to catch.

There's more in the video as well, so give it a watch.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will release on November 18 for Switch.

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