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New Far Cry 3 trailer: extra gameplay for pre-order, hang glider and sharks shown

A new Far Cry 3 trailer has confirmed that those pre-ordering Far Cry 3 will get the Lost Exhibitions Edition, which includes two exclusive missions for an extra 40 minutes of gameplay. And it shows a hang glider. And sharks.

The missions are called Forgotten Experiment and Ignition in the Deep, and will only be available for pre-ordering. Don't be gigantically surprised if the levels are pushed out as DLC after launch, however.

Pre-orderers will also get an extra weapon for multiplayer: the Type 10 Japanese WWII Flare Gun. For flaring stuff.

The video itself features new gameplay, footage from the E3 and gamescom demos last year, and some old video from a recent demo.

Antagonist Vas talks about insanity again, just to be sure. And yep, the hang glider's in there; it couldn't be Far Cry without it. Bet you weren't banking on having sharks in the water, though.

Get it below with new shots. Far Cry 3 releases on September 7 for PS3, 360 and PC.

Cover image for YouTube video

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