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New APB will support customization from old APB


GamersFirst has confirmed that old customization jobs from APB as was can be ported into the MMO's reboot, APB-Reloaded.

The new version will allow players to keep all of their customizations from the Realtime Worlds version of the crime game.

"You will basically be unique thanks to you having played the game 'back in the day,' and our goal is to make sure your many gazillion hours of investment do not go to waste," GamersFirst CEO Bjorn Book-Larsson said on the reboot's blog.

Book-Larsson conceded that the move may make for some odd pairings, as some of the items from the game's previous life aren't included in the rebirth's progression system, but he hopes veterans will be able to put up with the quirks.

APB Reloaded will enter closed beta in February.

Crime MMO APB, originally developed by the now-bust RTW, was bought by Gamersfirst in November last year.

Thanks, Massively.

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