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Gamersfirst details APB-Reloaded beta entry instructions


Gamersfirst's posted instructions on how to get a piece of the action in APB-Reloaded's closed beta, promising the process will be "easy now, tricky later".

To start off, do this:

  1. Submit your email in the "stay up to date" box here.
  2. Create a GamersFirst account.

That's it for now. Later, though, things get a little more involved.

"About two weeks before the closed beta (which probably means on or about the first week in February), you will receive an email sent to the address you submitted above," said the company on its site.

"That email will have a unique link where you will go to activate your beta request. In order to do so you will be asked to submit a lot of additional data, among other things your DxDiag (if you don't know that is, then you might not be a great closed beta candidate) and some additional information about you, as well as about your system and your own background as a gamer.

"Once we have verified the data, we will then send you back your actual beta key. If you feel like you don't want to share the additional data being asked of you, you can always back out of the process, and just ask to be notified about the Open Beta when that's ready instead."

This is sounds exactly the same as the beta registration Realtime Worlds employed when launching the game.

Crime MMO APB, originally developed by the now-bust RTW, was bought by Gamersfirst in November last year.

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