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Netflix is getting one of the best roguelites around and more next year

Netflix continues its attempt to be the Netflix of games.

Hades, one of the best games from 2020, will be joining Netflix's lineup of mobile games next year, alongside a number of other titles.

It's currently Netflix Geeked Week, meaning the streaming giant has been announcing all sorts of new shows - including a Witcher anime that's bringing back Doug Cockle as Geralt. But, Netflix had more than just shows up its proverbial sleeve this week, as it also announced a slate of games that would be joining its gaming side of the service across 2024. The biggest and most exciting announcement is easily Supergiant's incredible roguelite Hades, which honestly feels like one of the most fitting titles to come to Netflix so far. It's got action, romance, comedy, all the right components for a Netflix hit, so maybe this will be the one that convinces users its games are worth playing (especially considering less than 1% of subscribers actually play its games daily).

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Hades isn't the only game joining Netflix next year either. Death's Door, a tough-as-nails action game that isn't quite a Soulslike but certainly does have similarities to the genre's combat, is also coming to Netflix. Again, this one feels like a great fit for Netflix, I could easily see a show about a crow reaper going around collecting souls. There's also Katana Zero, a neo-noir action-platformer with "instant-death combat," and some stylish pixel art.

These announcements have also led me to discover that Chicken Run is getting a video game, Chicken Run: Eggstraction, a stealth action game set after the first film, and it'll apparently be a Netflix exclusive when it releases next year. Netflix also announced a trio of adaptations of a selection of its shows, Money Heist, a Spanish heist thriller, and Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold, a roleplaying game set between the events of the first and second season, the latter of which you can play now. The Dragon Prince: Xadia is the last of the three, offering some co-op action reminiscent of Diablo. And lastly, the Anniversary Edition of one of the games that started the indie boom, Braid, will be coming to Netflix too.

Earlier this week, Crunchyroll announced it would be following in Netflix's footsteps, as it is now offering games alongside anime too.

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