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Naraka Bladepoint Moonbane slaying and Moonbane treasures

The Naraka Bladepoint Moonbane fight is one of the game’s more unique PvE battles with some nice cosmetics to prove how lucky you were if you survive long enough to win them.

It can potentially take ages for Moonbane to appear, and the battle serves mostly as a fun way to cap off an intense match, since the rewards earned for each time you slay Moonbane have no effect on the match.

Moonbane slaying

Moonbane appears randomly in the lobby of trios matches, and not frequently. As you’d expect from a rare and powerful creature, Moonbane’s appearance rate is low, but if you do see it in the lobby, then it's guaranteed to show up at the end of the match.

There’s nothing you can do to increase Moonbane’s spawn rate, though most players tend to agree Moonbane appears more frequently at Platinum rank. You also need to be playing Trios, and everyone on your team must be alive at the match's end.

Once it does appear, you're in for a slightly anticlimactic fight. Moonbane hits hard with blasts of purple energy, but all you need to do is counter them a few times to win.

Naraka Bladepoint Moonbane treasures

The treasures earned in give your team a new cosmetic each time you win against the dragon.

These include:

  • Profile picture (1 kill)
  • Emote (5 kills)
  • Dynamic profile picture (10 kills)
  • Grappling hook skin (20 kills)

You’ll also get some snazzy new effects around your player in the lobby that’s purely for showing off to others that you were both lucky enough to find the god and lived to brag about it. These effects last for the remainder of that day.

We’ve not encountered Moonbane too often yet. However, 24 Entertainment believes it’s a common enough occurrence and imposed a three-time-maximum limit on how often you can claim the Moonbane treasures each day.

These abilities work well with any of Naraka Bladepoint's numerous characters and abilities If lag is holding you back in Moonbane's fight or any others, though, we've got a few tips on how to fix it.

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