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Naraka: Bladepoint built a real-life prosthetic arm based on a dominant solo character

The fully-functional prosthetic is based on Hadi Ismail's golden arm

Hadi Ismail, a character who wears a prosthetic arm, in Naraka: Bladepoint
Image credit: 24 Entertainment

Naraka: Bladepoint developer 24 Entertainment has teamed up with YouTube mega-engineering channel Hacksmith Industries to create a real-life prosthetic arm based on Hadi Ismail - one of the best characters in Naraka: Bladepoint.

The glittering, golden prosthetic, which is based on an R&D hand built by biotech company Psyonic, was then donated to Naraka player and YouTuber, JesseLHV, who was born without their left hand.

Hacksmith Industries' side of the video, showing the construction of the prosthetic armWatch on YouTube

To create the arm, Jesse’s arm was 3D scanned, before custom pieces were computer modelled and handbuilt by Hacksmith Industries and added to the core hand.

A specialised socket and adapter was then 3D printed to provide a base for the aesthetic outer parts.

Controlled by an app and sensors attached to a person’s arm muscles to detect movement, the prosthetic arm allows people to move individual fingers and manipulate objects. The hand can grip objects by detecting when the user flexes their muscles, while the app can be programmed to perform gestures - not all of them suitable for polite company. Jesse goes on to use mouse and keyboard controls to play Naraka in their video.

Jesse's side of the video, show the arm in action in-gameWatch on YouTube

Naraka: Bladepoint recently kicked off a new season, which introduced a new weapon, the Heng Sword, to shake up the meta of best weapons.

The melee-focused battle royale originally dropped on Steam in 2021, before making its way to Xbox in 2022. Naraka was made free-to-play in 2023, when it was released on PS5 alongside PlayStation exclusive modes and tournaments.

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