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Monster Hunter World's second biggest platform is PC

Monster Hunter World has done very well on PC, making the platform the game's second biggest.

Capcom's marketing director for EMEA and UK, Antoine Molant, revealed this statistic in an interview with PCGamesInsider, adding that the staggered release actually ended up working in its favour.

"Without getting into details, it’s the second biggest one for Monster Hunter World amongst all platforms, therefore incredibly important," said Molant.

"While we always try to treat our various audiences the same way, the Monster Hunter World console versions were the lead platforms, and PC had to be released at a later date. This actually helped as the PC version has had its own window for promotion, PR, marketing.

"Some countries like Germany or Russia also performed extremely well on the PC front. All of this really increased our success in Europe."

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Though Molant didn't name a first, it's easy to guess that to be PS4. Even if you set aside the game's success in Japan, Sony's home turf, the PS4 install base worldwide is bound to result in a larger player base compared to Xbox One.

Monster Hunter World's performance on PC has been impressive to witness, which makes Capcom's decision to continue operating the PC version on a timeline different from consoles all the more disappointing.

PC players get recurring events weeks, sometimes months later than consoles, and the same goes for major content updates such as the recently released The Witcher 3 collaboration, as well as obviously the upcoming expansion Iceborne, which does not yet have a release target on PC.

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