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Monster Hunter Rise: Rock Lizard | Where to find a Rock Lizard for the Endemic Life request

Living under a rock

Since you're playing Monster Hunter Rise, you might expect the Rock Lizard to be some huge beast waiting for an epic showdown in a secluded clearing.

That's not quite the case though, as this rare and tiny reptile can be tough to track down for even the most seasoned of hunters.

Endemic Life: Rock Lizard is a request you'll receive early on in Monster Hunter Rise. In a change of pace from hunting, Senior Hunter Hanenaga will request that you simply find and photograph this creature.

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How to begin the Endemic Life: Rock Lizard request in Monster Hunter Rise

Endemic Life: Rock Lizard is a request (essentially a side-mission). To begin it, go to Kamura Village and respond to Senior Hunter Hanenaga when he calls you over.

You can complete this request at any time on a hunt or during an Expedition Tour. There's no need to make a special trip for it: as long as you remain vigilant, you should encounter a Rock Lizard at some point during your travels.

What are Rock Lizards in Monster Hunter Rise and where can you find them?

Rock Lizards are an example of Endemic Life in Monster Hunter Rise. They aren't the monsters of the title and you won't be hunting them, strictly speaking — though it's worth noting that they do shed valuable minerals when you interacted with them (including when attacked).

For the purposes of this request, though, you only need a picture of one.

Rock Lizards can spawn almost anywhere in the world of Monster Hunter Rise. However, they do seem to display a preference for sandy or rocky areas. The Sandy Plains and Shrine Ruins provide the most plentiful opportunities to find one.

We found the Rock Lizard in the screenshot below on the path to the southeast of Area 3 in the Sandy Plains.

The greatest barrier to completing this request is the relative difficulty of spotting a Rock Lizard. Endemic creatures are much smaller than even the smallest monsters, and it's easy to become attuned to looking out for much bigger prey.

Fortunately, Rock Lizards are quite brightly coloured. Their variegated purple, blue, pink, and turquoise bodies stand out especially easily against the muted colours of their preferred habitats.

To take a photograph, select your Camera by cycling through your Action Bar. You can line up a shot, using ZL + ZR to zoom in and out, before taking the picture with 'A'. If you've met Senior Hunter Hanenaga's exacting conditions (basically, not being too close to or too far from the target), you'll receive an immediate notification that you've completed the request.

Be sure to report back to Hanenaga to actually collect your reward, though!

Other lizards to look out for

There are two minor variants of this creature. The Boulder Lizard and the Scale Lizard are both relatives of the Rock Lizard.

If you happen to stumble across either of these creatures, the good news is that their material drops are rarer than that of their more common cousin. On the downside, they won't fulfil the criteria of Senior Hunter Hanenaga's request to you.

Since your reward for completing the Endemic Life: Rock Lizard request is some Great Wirebugs, why not check out our Wirebugs guide to find out how to use them?

Or, for more on how to obtain and care for Great Wirebugs, see our guide to getting them their favourite treat: Rise Jewel Lilies.

For more help, see our full Monster Hunter Rise guide.

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