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Monaco: Fin is the final update to the game, on sale through Steam for 75% off

Monaco's latest and final free update is now available through Steam. This is the fourth update applied to the Pocketwatch-developed game, and according to the studio, the "campaign is brutally difficult."

monaco fin

According to a blog post, all eight levels in the update "are as hard as Identity" and concludes the story of the Gentleman and his nefarious crew. Fittingly, it's titled Monaco: Fin.

"I designed Monaco on paper in 2003 when I was still an employee of a much bigger (now defunct) game developer," stated creator Andy Schatz in the blog post. "Development started in October of 2009, Andy Nguyen joined the team in May 2011, [and] the game launched in April 2013.

"One year later, nearly a million copies of the game sold, and it’s time to move on. Our development on Monaco is coming to an end now, but who knows if we will revisit it sometime in the future.

"It’s time to bring something new into the world. It’s time to start over. It’s time for us to earn your attention again."

Since the game's launch the team has added the following free updates:

  • Steam Workshop support
  • Level Editor
  • Mac Support
  • Linux support
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Major changes to the Hacker class
  • New class: The Blonde
  • Zombie mode
  • Enhanced edition based on feedback
  • New Campaign: Monaco: Origins
  • Bonus PVP missions
  • Monaco: Fin.

If you have yet to pick up Monaco: What's Yours is Mine, it is 75% off on Steam until April 7, which means it will run you $3.74. If you want to buy the four-pack so your friends can get in on some co-op action with you, it's on sale as well for $11.24.

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