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Monaco once had competitive multiplayer, may return

Co-op favourite Monaco: What's Yours is Mine once had less friendly multiplayer modes, pitting thieves against the law and even against each other.

Writing in a Reddit AMA, PocketWatch Games' Andy Schatz said Monaco once had "Cops and Robbers" and "Thief vs Thief" modes, which were cut during development.

"We got them to playable, but we discovered that for both modes the balance didn't really work within the existing levels. We were going to have to build entirely new content tailored to them in order to make them feel at the same level of quality," he said.

"There are some interesting challenges with both that we never fully figured out: in thief vs thief, players could go to different floors and were trying to collect the most coins before getting the trophy and escaping first. But we found that the thief that got out in front early just sucked up all the coins, which reinforced his advantage. So we introduced colored coins: coins that could only be picked up by you. But in the end we felt like there really wasn't enough interaction between players for it to feel fun.

"With Cops vs Robbers, the problem was more that in adding a cop to any level, in the early levels it was too easy for the thieves to win and in the later levels, it was almost impossible for the players to win. When it worked, though, it was incredibly fun."

When a member commented that they'd love to see the cut content released as DLC, Schatz said he hopes to do so with the cops versus robbers one.

Monaco is available on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, after a delay.

Thanks, Shack News.

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