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Monaco Xbox Live Arcade release delayed further

A patch expected to resolve issues with the Xbox 360 version of Monaco has unfortunately not fixed the problem, resulting in a longer wait than expected.

"As most of you know, we caught a bug that forced us to pull the release of the Xbox version of the game the day before release. It was a minor but important bug that was causing disconnects in online play," PocketWatch Games lead Andy Schatz wrote on the heist sim's Facebook page.

"I submitted an update to attempt to fix the bug early in the week, but unfortunately it only half fixed the problem. I'm working on another fix now that I'm hoping to submit this week. Once it's confirmed fixed it shouldn't take long to push it through and get the game out."

Unfortunately Schatz could not provide an ETA, but did say that he'd update fans as soon as possible. the indie effort is out now on Steam and everyone seems pretty pleased with it.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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