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Monaco dev would rather have fans be disappointed than upset

Andy Schactz stands behind his decision to delay the Xbox 360 version of Monaco: What's Yours is Mine, saying he'd rather make fans wait than give them a broken game.

Monaco has been delayed by the last minute discovery of a bug that causes disconnects during four player co-operative matches. While other gameplay modes work just fine, Schatz wouldn't launch the game with the issue unresolved.

"This is my bug, and I’m fixing it. The reason I went with the Xbox is because I want people to get the opportunity to get as much couch co-op as possible," he told Edge.

Since the PC version is out, some Xbox 360 fans are disgruntled by the wait, but Schatz said in general potential players have been very supportive, and he doesn't mind the disappointment.

"I think there’s a difference between being upset and being disappointed. That comes down to the key point where if we had released the game in a state where a bug really broke it for 4-player matches, people wouldn’t be disappointed, they’d be upset," he said.

"And rightfully so, because they paid money for a game that doesn’t work. I’d rather have disappointed fans than upset fans."

The award-winning indie heist sim is yet to be dated.

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