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Here's 25 minutes of 4K Modern Warfare multiplayer footage

Infinity Ward has released a 25-minute tour of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's multiplayer offerings.

We've heard plenty about this year's Modern Warfare (not to be confused with 2007's Modern Warfare). From 100 player bloodbaths to a Tamagunchi that feeds on human suffering, this year's entry is going bigger and weirder than ever.

But how does that look, really? Yesterday, Infinity Ward opened the curtains and gave us an extended look at what we'll be running and gunning through for the next year.

The clip covers five modes over five maps, from Headquarters on the dusty Azhir Cave to a massive Domination match on Aniyah Palace. There's even some "realistic" footage of a night match on Azhir. Without daylight or any UI elements, tense night-vision shootouts dominate the action.

It's sure is Call of Duty. We get a glimpse at some new features like those aforementioned goggles and melee executions. Even simple doors add a new dimension to the flow of a match. But it's still the same stop-and-pop shooter you know and love (or hate).

Though Modern Warfare is gunning for realism, it's not completely given over. It's goofy as hell when the player dons Juggernaut armour and the soundtrack kicks into gloriously awful butt-rock riffs. Unsurprisingly, there's no further word on Call of Duty's will-they wont-they reunion with battle royale.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare drops on October 25th.

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