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Battle royale is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2020 - rumour

Battle royale won't be joining Modern Warfare at launch. But don't write off the last-person-standing deathmatch's addition quite yet.

Blackout brought Call of Duty onto Brendan Greene's bandwagon last year. While dropping the traditional campaign bummed out plenty of fans, it was a pretty decent take on the swollen winner-takes-all genre. It's not too shocking to imagine Infinity Ward bringing it back for this year's Modern Warfare. It's also not a surprise that battle royale isn't at the top of the developer's "To-Do" pile.

It seems YouTuber LongSensation might have leaked news that battle royale is coming. It'll be a free-to-play standalone download, and could plug into the main game. Just don't expect it to arrive in 2019.

A tweet is a tweet, sure. But there's an excuse to take the claim at least a little seriously. LongSensation was behind the pre-emptive revelation that this year's Call of Duty would be a Modern Warfare reboot, after all.

His claim was backed up by fellow YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, who apparently heard that Infinity Ward is putting battle royale on the backburner for now.

It's safe to say excitement for big circle deathmatches has simmered lately. But this year's Call of Duty wants to go big. With 20vs20 (and even 50vs50) shootouts on the cards, a 100-player battle royale would feel right at home.

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