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Minecraft Xbox 360 dev considering new update ahead of 1.8.2

Minecraft Xbox 360 developer 4J Studios has revealed that it may implement some features from Minecraft PC update 1.2.3 before its next Xbox update goes live. It's an attempt to give fans something new instead of having to wait so long for the next full update.

4J Studios stated on its official Twitter, "We're considering releasing an update between 1.8.2 and 1.2.3 to reduce the time people have to wait for the new features."

Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 is not due for a while yet, but will finally add Creation Mode into the mix.

4J's Twitter added that update 1.8.2 will not include XP, "Yes, XP doesn't really make sense without the enchanting table (added in 1.9pre3), so we've remove XP and XP bar from 1.8.2."

It's still unclear what Minecraft PC 1.2.3 features 4J Studios is planning on bringing to the Xbox 360 version, but we'll keep our ears to the ground for further updates from the team.

Thanks OXM.

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