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Minecraft PC: new snapshot update addresses fire hazards, full changelog inside

Minecraft developer Mojang is aware that fire can really ruin your day if it's unchecked, so the game's new PC snapshot gives you more of a fighting chance when blazes erupt. We've got the full changelog for the new update here.

The above video is a frank, but hilarious lesson regarding the ills of playing pyromancer in Mojang's world. Let it be a warning to all the fire-starters out there. You'll be happy to know that cauldrons can now be used to douse any rogue flames that happen to stray from the source.

Mojang's new snapshot update is available now, and was spotted by PCGamesN. It goes as follows:

  • Added /setworldspawn and /setworldspawn to set the world’s default spawn point
  • Maps in item frames now display the item frame again, but still on a full block scale
  • Jukeboxes now loop
  • Changed the texture for pufferfish

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed being unable to type certain characters in chat under certain conditions
  • Fixed cauldron water not putting out fire or damage blazes
  • Axes accelerate the speed at which Slabs are broken
  • when typing /help with a number higher than 4, it produces the wrong message
  • Boats cannot be steered by using the “left” and “right” keys
  • Minecraft has advice on an error report that should be deleted.
  • Players appear offset for other clients after going through nether portals
  • Spawn eggs can be used on top of water, but not lava
  • Typo on “Unable to Load Worlds” screen
  • Sound warnings in console
  • Master sound level resets on reboot and RP Change
  • Numbers render behind enchanted stacked enchanted items
  • Splash potions making throw sound but not breaking sound.
  • OS X: Pressing Del / Backspace on signs shows “DEL” character instead of deleting characters
  • Multiple Background Songs Playing At One Time / Automatic music overlap
  • German Umlauts and ß are not correctly centered at sign
  • Partially Transparent Maps
  • Typing ƒ, ∞ œ, π, Ω, ≈, √, ≤, ≥ and many more symbols on a sign or in the chat crashes the game.
  • “Format Error” In the Book and Quill
  • Cake FallingSand Entity not landing correctly regenerates chunk
  • “Force Unicode Font” is displayed in currently active language, whereas “Done” is displayed in highlighted language
  • “Format error” in language selection menu
  • RCON Messages: TranslatableComponent

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