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Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments - Which should you choose?

Every time you grab an item in Minecraft Dungeons, you have a decision to make: What are the best Enchantments to choose for my gear?

Enchantments are powerful effects which improve the abilities of your offensive and defensive items - but without experience of how each one works in-game, it can be a difficult choice to make.

We've added more Enchantments to the best list, as well as some more Powerful tier effects to the table.

Here are all of our picks for the best Enchantments, as well as a list of every single one we’ve seen so far.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Enchantments

While you’re levelling up during your first playthrough, don’t worry too much about the Enchantments you pick on weapons you find. You’re only going to swap them out for something new with a higher power level anyway.

Focus on choosing Enchantments that you can reliably trigger most of the time, and that you will use the most. This will most likely be Enchantments which deal more damage to mobs, or have a high damage of doing something cool.

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  • Sharpness/Power

You can’t go far wrong with dealing extra damage with every single hit you land. There are flashier Enchantments available, but when you’re levelling, this is one of the best.

If you don’t get one of these, then Smiting is also good since zombies and skeletons are so common.

  • Swirling - Powerful

Swirling is a Powerful tier Enchantment which turns the last attack in your combo into a larger, stronger hit. It’s reliable damage, and works well with small, fast weapons because it gives them a better way to deal with crowds of mobs.

If you can’t get Swirling, then Echo works similarly.

  • Radiance- Powerful

I was wrong about Radiance. I thought that a 20% chance to provide a burst of healing on hit was too unreliable, and that it wouldn't be much use - but really it's one of the strongest effects in the whole game.

With this one Enchantment, your character's capability to stay healthy and tank hits is considerably increased. This is particularly useful against bosses, large groups and tough enemies.

  • Anima Conduit

Anima Conduit is so powerful, and usually comes on Soul Collecting weapons. It restores a portion of your health for every Soul you collect, and pretty much every enemy you defeat will drop a Soul.

This means that you can mow through big groups of enemies without much care for how many hits you take, because you’ll just replenish your health by picking up Souls.

If you like getting up-close-and-personal with big groups, then Anima Conduit is the way to go.

In the earlier game, Leeching is similar, but not as good.

  • Accelerate

If you don’t take out a mob in one hit with ranged, then you will want to follow up as quickly as possible - especially if you’re attacking multiple mobs.

Accelerate lets you engage whole groups of enemies solely with ranged attacks, since after just a few shots you’re firing so fast.

This combos well with slower, more powerful weapons, because it negates their weakness.

  • Electrified

Electrified makes it so your roll deals damage to groups of enemies. This is great because it allows you to reposition your character, without missing out on an attack.

It also lets you wipe out weaker mobs all at once, and helps in a variety of situations.

  • Thorns

If you like fighting mobs with melee, then you’re going to take a lot of hits.

Thorns is a great Enchantment for evening the odds when you’re fighting big groups at close range, because it deals damage back to enemies without you having to attack them specifically.

  • Potion Barrier

While it doesn’t look great at first, Potion Barrier reduces all incoming damage by 90% after you drink a health potion.

This is extremely powerful when you’re fighting bosses in Minecraft Dungeons. It basically gives you a ton of free hits on the strongest enemies in the game, because you can drink a potion, then just tank their attacks while you hit them over and over again.

  • Snowball

And while Potion Barrier is incredible against bosses, the most overpowered common Enchantment in the game is easily Snowball.

It throws a stunning snowball effect at mobs, which stops them in their tracks.

Stunning mobs is already very strong. But once upgraded to trigger every second, Snowball reduces incoming hits to a laughable degree.

It lets you clean up big groups of mobs easily, and combos well with all kinds of weapons.

Minecraft Dungeons All Enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments
Enchantment NameEnchantment EffectItem TypeRarity
CommittedDeal between 50-100% extra damage to wounded mobsMeleeCommon
ProspectorBetween 100-300% extra chance at EmeraldsMeleeCommon
FreezingReduce speed of nearby mobs by between 20-40%MeleeCommon
StunningBetween 5-15% chance to stun enemy on hitMeleeCommon
Weakening Reduces damage from nearby enemies by 20-40% for 5 secondsMeleeCommon
RampagingDefeating a mob gives 10% chance to increase attack speed by 50% for between 5-15 secondsMeleeCommon
Thundering30% chance to deal damage to nearby enemies on hitMeleeCommon
SharpnessIncreases weapon damage by between 10-33%MeleeCommon
Fire AspectSets mobs on fire for three secondsMeleeCommon
SmitingIncreases damage to undead mobs between 20-40%MeleeCommon
LootingBetween 100-300% increased chance for mobs to drop consumables like Shadow PotionsMeleeCommon
EchoSome attacks are followed by another with a between a 3-5 second cooldownMeleeCommon
Leeching Defeating mobs heals you for between 4-8% of mobs max healthMeleeCommon
Poison Cloud30% chance to spawn a damage dealing cloudMeleeCommon
Chains 30% chance to bind mobs together for between 1-3 secondsMeleeCommon
Anima ConduitEach soul you absorb grants between 1-3% of your max healthMeleeCommon
Enigma Resonator Gives between 0-25% chance to deal triple damage based on number of souls you haveMeleeCommon
ShockwaveLast attack in combo launches damaging Shockwave MeleePowerful
GravityPulls mobs in range towards your weapon's impact point for between 1-2 secondsMeleePowerful
SwirlingThe last attack in a combo performs a large swirling move that deals more damageMeleePowerful
ExplodingEnemies explode on defeat and deal between 20-60% of their health as damageMeleePowerful
RadianceHas 20% chance to spawn healing auraMeleePowerful
SuperchargeCharged shots deal between 20-40% more damageRangedCommon
PunchIncrease arrow pushback by between 200-400%RangedCommon
Poison Cloud30% chance to summon poison cloud for 3 secondsRangedCommon
MultishotBetween 20-40% chance to shoot 5 arrowsRangedCommon
RicochetBetween 20-60% chance to ricochet arrow to another mobRangedCommon
Bonus ShotFires an extra arrow at a nearby enemy with between 10-24% powerRangedCommon
InfinityHas a 16-48% chance to immediately replenish arrow after shootingRangedCommon
Radiance Shot20% chance to spawn healing auraRanged Common
PiercingEvery 1-3 arrows penetrates multiple mobsRangedCommon
Wild RageBetween 20-40% chance to turn mob hostile to its allies on hitRangedCommon
UnchantingProjectiles deal between 50-100% extra damage to enchanted enemiesRanged Common
Accelerate Increases attack speed by 8-12% for consecutive shotsRanged Common
PowerBoosts arrow damage by between 10-33%RangedCommon
Rapid FireBoost attack speed by between 10-20%RangedCommon
Fuse ShotEvrey 5th-3rd shot explodes dealing 100% damage to nearby mobsRangedCommon
GrowingFired shots grow in the air and deal between 25-75% extra damageRangedCommon
Tempo TheftSteals between 17-50% of mobs speed and gives it to you for 4 secondsRangedPowerful
Gravity PulsePulls enemies towards you with between 100-200% range every 5 secondsRangedPowerful
Chain ReactionHas between 10-30% chance to fire five arrows in all directionsRangedPowerful
ElectrifiedDeal damage on rollArmourCommon
CowardiceDeal 20-40% extra damage at full healthArmourCommon
Surprise GiftWhen you use a healing potion between 50%-150% chance to trigger random consumableArmourCommon
Food ReservesWhenever you use a healing potion craft between 1-3 random food items ArmourCommon
ThornsReturn between 100-200% of damage to attackerArmourCommon
Speed SynergyIncrease movement speed by 20% for between 1-3 seconds after Artifact activationArmourCommon
DeflectBetween 20-60% chance to deflect incoming projectilesArmourCommon
RecyclerBeing hit by between 10-30 projectiles crafts a quiver of arrowsArmourCommon
Potion BarrierWhen using a healing potion, take 90% less damage for between 5-9 secondsArmourCommon
Fire TrailRolling leaves a damaging trail behind youArmourCommon
ExplorerRestore between 0.3-1% health for every 100 blocks explored on mapArmourCommon
FrenziedAt less than half health, deal between 10-30% extra damageArmourCommon
SwiftfootedRolling makes you between 30-50% faster for 3 secondsArmourCommon
Health Synergy When activating Artifact, regain between 3-5% healthArmourCommon
Cool DownReduces cool down of Artifacts by between 10-27% ArmourCommon
SnowballFires a snowball that stuns enemies every 5, 3, and 1 secondsArmourCommon
Soul SpeedWhen you gather a Soul gain 1% movement speed for between 2-4 seconds.ArmourCommon
Final Shout When you drop to low health, all of your Artifacts are used regardless of cooldownArmourPowerful
ChillingEmit a blast every 2 seconds that slows enemies between 20-60%ArmourPowerful
Gravity PulseEvery 5 seconds, pull enemies towards you with 100-200% rangeArmourPowerful
ProtectionReduce all incoming damage between 6-15%ArmourPowerful

Which Enchantments have you enjoyed using the most so far in Minecraft Dungeons? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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