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Minecraft Dungeons Secrets and Chests Location - How to unlock the secret cow level, Dingy Jungle, and Lower Temple

With the release of the first Jungle Awakens DLC, there are so many new secrets in Minecraft Dungeons. From whole locations to top-tier loot, hidden in just about every concealed corner and boxy cranny in Minecraft Dungeons is a chest or secret ready to be uncovered. Along with discovering whole new secret levels, revealing invisible caskets of loot is how you fill your adventurer's coffers with some of the most desirable loot in the game, so it's well worth keeping an eye out for inconspicuously shrouded boxes and trunks around the Overworld.

Now we've gone back into the old levels to add what's new, as well as listing the locations of all the secret runes throughout the game which eventually unlock the secret cow level "???".

To lead you in the right direction, here are the locations on every Minecraft Dungeons Secret and Chest we've found so far:

Minecraft Dungeons Secrets and Chests

On your quest to defeat the Arch-Illager, you'll come across tons of secret hidden chests containing shiny loot. While the secrets seem to be the same every time you play a level, there looks to be a semi-randomised element to the location of chests.

To that end, we've listed everywhere we've found chests so you can check as you play.

Minecraft Dungeons Camp Secrets - How to unlock the secret cow level

Before you can unlock the super-tough secret cow level, you have to do things throughout the entire game - so it's worth knowing about it early.

To start things off, you need to find the church at your camp, which is all the way around on the other side to the Blacksmith and Wandering Trader.

Go to the top right corner, past your house, then use the springboard to get across the gap.

Then follow the path at the bottom, down through the trees.

Here, you will come out next to the church.

Inside, walk to the far end and interact with the runes on the wall.

Now you can find extra-hidden secret runes throughout the rest of the game. We've marked where they are in all of the sections below. There isn't one to find in the Squid Coast or any of the other secret levels though.

Minecraft Dungeons Squid Coast Chests and Secrets - How to get the island chest on the ledge

Squid Coast Secret 1

After you learn how to shoot the skeleton archers, go around the back of the fence to reveal a secret chest in front of the house.

Squid Coast Secret 2

Around the corner from the first secret, when you reach more houses next to trees, get behind the fence by going underneath the trees to reveal another secret chest.

Squid Coast Chest 2 - How to get the island chest across the ledge

This one is a lot more visible than the others, but can be puzzling to claim if you're unfamiliar with Minecraft Dungeon's controls.

You need to roll across the gap to reach the other side of the ledge and get the chest.

Minecraft Dungeons Creeper Woods Secrets and Chests

Creeper Woods Secret 1

Take the left-hand side path away from the objective to uncover an invisible chest at the end of the path.

Creeper Woods Secret 2 - Creepy Crypt Secret Level

Further along the main path, again take the left-hand side path away from the objective and press the button outside the sealed door to unveil the next secret. Inside, you unlock the Creepy Crypts secret level.

Creeper Woods Chest 1

Inside the door from secret 2, take the scroll and defeat the enemies.

Creeper Woods Chest 2

Continue through the secret area, take the right-hand side path to find a chest.

Creeper Woods Secret 3

After you emerge from the secret cave, take the left-hand side path away from objective and walk towards the wooden circle to uncover a golden chest.

Creeper Woods Secret 4

In the next prong of the same side-path is another invisible chest hidden in the middle of the woody area.

Creeper Woods Chest 3

Then in the final prong of that same side-path, you'll find Chest 3.

Creeper Woods Chest 4

As you advance through the level you will reach a point with a long side path off to the right-hand side. Get to the end and look to the right to find a chest hidden under the trees.

Creeper Woods Chest 5

Right at the top left end of that same side path is another golden chest.

Creeper Woods Chest 6

After the supply house, you come to a spider-filled cave with a chest on your right. There's a treasure pig that doesn't count towards the completion inside here too.

Creeper Woods Chest 7

The final Creeper Woods chest is found at the top end of a later area. After you've gone through the spider cave and through a large, open clearing, the chest is in the corner of the next space, before you go off to the left.

Creeper Woods secret cow level rune

After you rescue the villagers, in the next area there's a small structure in the bottom left of the area that moves when you stand on it. Now that you've opened the rune in the church earlier, the plate will reveal an entrance.

Go inside and press the button, then click on the rune that appears. Do not just press the button. You have to collect the rune as well or it won't count.

Creepy Crypt Secrets

Creepy Crypt Secret 1

After your objective changes to "Leave the Crypt", head down towards the bottom area of the crypt and take the side path which leads over to the left-hand side of the map. In this hallway, there's a skeleton knight in a tomb on the wall that you can click on.

Click on the knight and survive the ambush, and a chest will appear.

Creepy Crypt Secret 2

Once you're outside, take the left path down, then the left-hand side path down towards the bottom of the map.

At the end of the road you'll find a chest. But if you walk past that chest then a second secret golden chest will appear.

Soggy Swamp Secrets and Chests

As well as the following secrets and chests, there's also the new Soggy Cave location to find - as shown in the below video from Dead Zpkies. You'll know if it's spawned on your run through the level if the map says you have 2 secrets to find:

Soggy Swamp Chest 1

After you come out of the Enderman cave, go up the structure at the bottom of the path and roll over the gap to reach the golden chest.

Soggy Swamp Chest 2

Continue along the path towards the objective, and the second chest is in the middle of the area. Climb over the wall to get to the chest.

Soggy Swamp Chest 3

In the very next area, up on a ledge in the middle of the clearing.

Soggy Swamp secret cow level rune

Just to the right of the exit to the level, there's a hidden button that reveals and entrance. Remember to click the rune inside as well as the button.

Pumpkin Pastures Secrets and Chests

There's a secret level location that appears rarely in the Pumpkin Pastures. As the level rotates as you replay, sometimes an inside area will be accessible on the boat - this contains a map to a secret area.

Pumpkin Pastures Chest 1

Near the start of the level, head over to the left-hand side of the area to find a chest.

Pumpkin Pastures Secret 1

Near the start of the level, roll over to the floating island overlooking the boat down below.

Pumpkin Pastures Secret 2

As you approach the castle, roll over the moat on the right-hand side of the drawbridge to unveil a hidden golden chest.

Pumpkin Pastures Chest 2

As you approach the castle drawbridge, follow the side path all the way over to the right to find a chest.

Pumpkin Pastures secret cow level rune

On the castle wall, there's a button that reveals an entrance behind some boxes. Remember to click on the rune as well as the button inside.

Cacti Canyon Secrets and Chests

Cacti Canyon Chest 1

From the start of the level, follow the path and the golden chest is in the centre of the area.

Cacti Canyon Chest 2

From the first chest, follow the right-hand side path all the way to the end to find another chest.

Cacti Canyon Secret 1

In the area where you have to power the 5 beacons, roll over to the floating island in the bottom right of the area. Click on the loot quickly, or it will fall down the cliff.

Cacti Canyon secret cow level rune

When you're getting the blue key, look for a hidden button to the left of the gate in front of it.

The entrance then opens up behind the blue key. Remember to click on the rune when you're inside.

Cacti Canyon Chest 3

After the golden key gate puzzle, take the right-hand side path and you will find a golden chest.

Redstone Mines Secrets and Chests

Redstone Mines Chest 1

Near the start of the level, along the main path there's a chest on the snowy mound.

Redstone Mines Chest 2

Continue along the main path and there's another chest in the middle of the cart tracks.

Redstone Mines Chest 3

Again, continue along the main path and there's a chest hidden in the bottom corner of the room, obscured by the wall.

Redstone Mines Chest 4

Just around the corner from the last chest, check in the side room on the right hand side.

Redstone Mines Chest 5

In the next room from the last chest, there's another on the backside of the snowy mound.

Redstone Mines secret cow level rune

When your objective is to free 6 villagers (rather than 3 like you did earlier), look for a hidden button in the top left of the room. It's next to one of the villagers. Head inside and click on both the button at the end of the path and the rune when it appears.

Redstone Mines Chest 6

Again, continue along the main path and both chests 6 and 7 are in the room before the exit.

Redstone Mines Chest 7

Chest 7 is obscured by the wall.

Desert Temple Secrets and Chests - Lower Temple Location

Desert Temple Chest 1

Right at the start of the level.

Desert Temple Chest 2

On the other side of the room at the start of the level.

Desert Temple secret cow level rune

When you have to find the Gold Key, look for a lever on the wall behind the key. Head inside, press the button and grab the rune.

Desert Temple Chest 3

While your objective is "find the tomb", there's a marked door on the left-hand side of a corridor where you transition to a different area. There's a chest at the bottom of this area. Activate the 3-4 beacons in the corners of the room to get across.

Desert Temple Secret Level Location - Lower Temple

With the addition of the Jungle Awakens DLC, this chest has been replaced with the map to a new Secret Level: Lower Temple.

You extend the bridge over to the secret in the same way as the chest.

Desert Temple Secret 1

In the same side room, the first secret is to the right of the entrance.

Roll over the wall using the stairs to raise you high enough, then the golden chest should appear.

Desert Temple Secret 2

The second secret is close by. Turn around and look for a ledge behind you to roll to.

Now hug the wall and walk along, and a door will appear.

Inside is another chest.

Desert Temple Chest 4

Along the main path, there's a chest in the bottom corner of a large, open room.

Desert Temple Chest 5

At the bottom of the stairs right before the exit.

Fiery Forge Secrets and Chests

Fiery Forge Secret 1

Just on the right before you go into the forge.

Fiery Forge secret cow level rune

Just inside the forge, look for a lever on the wall next to the dead Redstone Golem. Then head inside and grab the rune after pressing the button.

Fiery Forge Secret 2

A little further inside the forge, in the bottom left corner of the side path.

Fiery Forge Secret 3

In the corner above secret 2.

Fiery Forge Secret 4

Once you reach the "overload the cores" section of the level, there's a golden chest in the right-hand side path.

Fiery Forge Secret 5

In the middle of the overload the cores section.

Fiery Forge Secret 6

Again in the overload the cores section, go into the marked side room to find a secret golden chest.

Highblock Halls Secrets and Chests

Highblock Halls Secret 1 - Underhalls Secret Level

Near the start of the level, go down the stairs and click on the shield on the wall to reveal a passageway. This unlocks the Underhalls secret level.

Highblock Halls Chest 1

Around the corner from the first secret, on the right-hand side of the room.

Highblock Halls secret cow level rune

In the courtyard where you can either go down through the well or find the Golden Key to advance, look on the wall a little up from the Golden Key for a lever that reveals an entrance.

Highblock Halls Chest 2

After you've destroyed the buffet, roll over the ledge to get to the chest in the centre of the room. Survive the ambush, then step on the button to get back over.

Obsidian Pinnacle Secrets and Chests

Obsidian Pinnacle Chest 1

Obsidian Pinnacle Chest 2

Obsidian Pinnacle Chest 3

Obsidian Pinnacle Chest 4

Obsidian Pinnacle Chest 5

Obsidian Pinnacle secret cow level rune & Chest 6 and 7

Behind the bookcase as you go inside the castle again. Head inside and grab the rune along with two lovely chests.

Dingy Jungle Secrets and Chests

Dingy Jungle Chest 1

Dingy Jungle Chest 2

Appears by the side of the gate when you defeat the enemies.

Dingy Jungle Chests 3 & 4

These appear after you defeat the enemies that appear when you press the buttons to open the gate.

Dingy Jungle Chest 5

Appears by the side of the gate when you open it.

Dingy Jungle Chest 6

Enter the side cave when your objective is to explore the vine maze, then clear out the enemy ambush. This chest appears up on the second floor of the small area.

Dingy Jungle Chest 7

Dingy Jungle Chest 8

Activate the Creeper pole ambush to make this chest appear.

Dingy Jungle Secret 1

In the area where your objective is to cross the canyon. Take the path away from your objective and on the bottom fork an obsidian chest - which is this level's secret - will appear.

Dingy Jungle Secret Level Location - Panda Plateau

Check your map when you load into Dingy Jungle, and sometimes when you play through this level the map will say "Secrets 0/0" instead of "0/1" like above. When this happens, the secret above will be replaced with a door you can go through.

Inside, go up to the top side and press the buttons in the top three corners.

When you've done that, go down to the middle-left, and you'll find the secret level - Panda Plateau - map here.

Dingy Jungle Chest 9

Overgrown Temple Secrets and Chests

Overgrown Temple Chests 1 & 2

Overgrown Temple Chest 3

Overgrown Temple Chest 4

Overgrown Temple Secret 1

Click the skeleton on the ground to trigger an enemy ambush and a secret.

Overgrown Temple Secret 2

Overgrown Temple Chest 5

Overgrown Temple Chest 6

Overgrown Temple Chest 7

Overgrown Temple Chest 8

Overgrown Temple Chest 9

The second chest is here on the other side of the golden key you're looking for.

Overgrown Temple Chest 10

Overgrown Temple Chest 11

Panda Plateau Secrets and Chests

Panda Plateau Chest 1

Panda Plateau Chest 2

Panda Plateau Chest 3

Panda Plateau Chest 4

Panda Plateau Chest 5

Panda Plateau Chest 6

Panda Plateau Chest 7

Panda Plateau Secret 1

Panda Plateau Secret 2

Panda Plateau Chest 8

We'll continue to update this page throughout the week as more and more secrets emerge, along with the chests in the altered versions of levels.

For more on Minecraft Dungeons, check out our rundowns of the best weapons in the game, as well as the best Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons.

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