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Midship and Ivory Tower get revamped in Halo: Reach


Those waiting on Halo: Reach to release, and are fans of Halo 2, should be pleased to know remakes of the Midship and Ivory Tower maps will appear in the game under the monikers Zealot and Reflection, respectively.

According to a preview over on IGN, Reflection contains the sniper tower elevator even, but those who were used to camping out on the map should know the hologram armor in Reach makes that much more difficult this time around.

Zealot has the same layout as Midship, but a third level featuring lower gravity has been added to it.

A new multiplayer map called Spire has been added to Invasion mode, and in it Spartans must get to the top of a tower as each section of the map is unlocked, slapping Elites around along the way.

You can get even more details on the maps through the link up top.

Halo: Reach is out worldwide on September 14, and according to Bungie development on the game is finished.

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