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Halo: Reach will let you turn off anti-cheat and play around with mods

Halo: Reach may not officially support mods at launch, but you'll be free to experiment with mods all you like.

Halo: Reach launches later today worldwide on PC. Having an official Halo game on PC is a big deal, not least of which because you'll finally be able to play around with mods built on a relatively modern version of the engine.

Reach will officially support mods down the line, but developer 343 Industries decided to not to wait until then to offer fans what they want. The developer confirmed that all players will be able to turn off anti-cheat and freely replace game files without fear of a ban.

Although you won't be able to play official multiplayer playlists or use matchmaking, you will be able to host private and custom games. When you're done tinkering, you can replace the modded files with the original and turn anti-cheat back on.

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A 343 developer confirmed this to Reddit users earlier.

"We’re still working to improve this down the road, but for now you will have an option when you launch to bypass anti-cheat," they wrote. "This will allow you to play around with campaign and customs but not allow you to play any match made games."

This is great news for the Halo modding scene on PC. Even if all of this will be limited to custom games for now, you can already imagine all the different tweaks, and new content, modders will be bringing to the game.

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