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Magic: Legends beta to kick off this spring in preparation for 2021 release

A beta for Magic: Legends will be held in the spring, and the game has been given a 2021 release window.

As previously reported, Magic: Legends is a Diablo-style action MMORPG based on Magic: The Gathering, the rather popular strategy card game.

In the game, players will explore some of planes in the saga, get mana-based spells and gather power to take on various enemies in battle.

As far as the beta is concerned, the first test this spring will introduce two Planeswalkers: the geomant and mental magician. If you want to participate, you can sign you through the official website.

Below you will find a list of features for the game:

  • Become a Planeswalker: players can choose between five varied classes and alternate between different planeswalkers at any time.
  • Walk your own path: players must cross several planes to save the Multiverse, but the path they make is their decision.
  • Control the chaos: control the chaos in a real-time combat system. Choosing the spells that make up each hand requires a lot of strategy, as these will be stolen at random during attacks.
  • Collect and improve: players will discover countless spells and gather fragments of these to make them more powerful.
  • Team Fight: Planes can be crossed alone or in the company of up to two other planeswalkers.

The first two classes:

  • The geomant channels the power of the earth to crush his enemies at close range with devastating stone and lava attacks. He is able to fit blows that would incapacitate other planeswalkers with his stone shield. Geomants prefer to resort to creatures such as goblins, kavu, and earth elementals.
  • The mental magician personifies the cold intellect. As planeswalker that focuses on psychic powers, they can face enemies from a safe distance, control projectiles with telekinetic powers and nullify the most dangerous adversaries with spells that sleep them or turn them against their allies.

One of several Magic: The Gathering games announced at The Game Awards in December, the Cryptic Studios-developed Magic: Legends will be free-to-play and released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2021.


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