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Magic: The Gathering's Fallout-themed set will have you falling in love with Dogmeat all over again

The upcoming set is planned to release early 2024.

Wizards of the Coast has given us our first proper look at its Fallout-themed Magic: The Gathering set, and there sure are some good looking cards to be found.

Quite clearly, somewhere along the line someone at Wizards of the Coast realised that people really like unique Magic: The Gathering sets. Even more than that, people like collaborations, and the card game's latest with Fallout feels like a good fit given the video game's tabletop RPG's inspirations. Yesterday, during a Magic: The Gathering livestream, a bunch of cards from the upcoming set were shown off, including the decks that you'll be able to buy; and yes, there is a commander deck based on everyone's favourite furry friend, Dogmeat.

Get a good look at the new Fallout Magic: The Gathering cards here.Watch on YouTube

There are a lot of good looking cards in this set, honestly. For one, Dogmeat's card, the full title being the incredibly apt "Dogmeat, Ever Loyal," has some lovely art of the best pup around getting a very caring looking pet. There's also a commander deck themed around "The Wise Mothman," which also has some strong looking art, alongside the imposing looking deck themed around Caesar, as well as the science focused deck featuring Dr. Madison Li.

Vault Boy's at it again.

Of course, there will be some booster packs to collect too, which feature some alternative art versions of the cards mentioned above, all of which are more themed around the Pip-Boy UI, which I'm a big fan of. Perhaps best of all are the borderless Vault Boy cards that are reminiscent of the game's perks art.

Unfortunately for those of you that want to pick up this set right away, you'll have to wait for its global release on March 8 next year. Previews are kicking off a little earlier on February 20, though, so it's not that long a wait overall. At least this set won't have people desperately searching for the one ring.

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