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List of GDC Europe speakers starts to thicken up


Initial speakers for GDC Europe 2009 were announced this morning for the August event in Cologne, Germany.

Taking place August 17-19 at the Cologne Congress East Center in Germany, the first set of speakers and their subject matter are as follows:

  • Flower - Design Postmortem by ThatGameCompany's Kellee Santiago.
  • Surviving Project Cancellation in the Economic Downturn by Zootfly's Bostjan Troha.
  • Advanced Racing Game AI in, by Black Rock's Eduardo Jimenez.
  • Compressing Loads of Content Into Only 20MB: A Case Study Of Swords & Soldiers for WiiWare by Ronimo's Joost van Dongen.
  • Off-Road Racing Physics, Indie Style by Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment's Jim Buck

More speakers are to be announced soon, and you can view the current schedule over on the official website.

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