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Lewis - 360 Arcade hike down to "currency fluctuations"


Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has told MCV that the now-confirmed 360 Arcade SKU price hike to £159.99 from £129.99 is thanks in part to exchange rates.

“We are making modest increases on the Xbox 360 Arcade console as you can see,” said the exec.

“The reality now is partly to offset currency exchange rate fluctuations which have impacted us in local market conditions – particularly in the UK.

“And you've seen other consumer products operate in the same way. But I think even with that we still offer the most affordable console in the marketplace out there.

“So we've reset the price point largely based on exchange rate fluctuations, but are still very happy we offer great value through the Xbox 360 Arcade.”

Microsoft said this morning that Arcade would rise £30 in the UK, while the Elite pack would drop to £199.99.

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