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Thanks to mods, Bowsette is playable in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You thought the Bowsette craze was over, but one modder has now added her into Breath of the Wild.

Shown off in a YouTube video by Lynard Killer (who is presumably the creator of the mod), the subject of all the internet’s thirst seems to be a model swap for Link, rather than a gameplay change. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a download link to use it yourself though, just a link in the video description to a Breath of the Wild modding server on Discord.

It does, however, seem to come with two forms. One appears to be Bowsette in a somewhat formal black dress, rather tame, mostly what you’d expect. The other, appears to be her base outfit: a sports bra, underwear, and thigh high boots.

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Despite a few physics issues with the dress, it does look like it fits in the game, even if it’s a little thirstier than you’d expect from Nintendo.

In case you’re behind on Bowsette, it’s a whole can of worms. Nintendo revealed in a trailer for New Super Mario Bros. U that Toadette could turn into Peachette, a human form of herself modelled after Peach. The community then decided that Bowser could do the same, and, well, fan art happened. It was a whole thing.

Thanks to Nintendo Life for bringing more Bowsette to everyone’s attention, though.

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