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Lego's next Nintendo collab could be a Zelda one, with a Great Deku Tree set rumoured for this year

The set first leaked last year.

Some rumours are spreading around that a Lego Zelda Great Deku Tree set is releasing sometime in 2024, and it's not the first time we've heard about such a set.

Back in 2022, Lego stopped allowing users to submit Zelda-themed sets on its Ideas service, quickly prompting fans to suspect that something official could be coming at some point in the future. It wouldn't be too surprising, given Nintendo and Lego do already have a relationship through their Mario and Animal Crossing collaborations. But now, according to Lego leaker 1414falconfan, a Lego Zelda set themed around The Great Deku Tree could be due out this September (thanks, Nintendo Everything). As noted over on a Resetera thread, 1414falcon fan is a pretty reliable leaker when it comes to Lego sets, as they have previously accurately reported on the Lego Piranha Plant model before it was released.

The set will apparently have 2500 piece, and if a previous leak is to be believed, it will allow you to build either the Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild Great Deku Trees, and will come with mini-figs of Link from the former, and Link and Zelda from the latter. Take that one with a pinch of salt, as it isn't clear if the images are real or not, though Lego did submit copyright claims on YouTube videos containing said images, which certainly points towards their legitimacy.

Nintendo's first Lego sets released back in 2020, unsurprisingly themed around the one and only Super Mario. The sets put a bit of a twist on the usual Nintendo formula, with Mario himself having a special body that had a screen on it, adding in more of a video-game-like quality to the sets. Through NFC chips you can interact with different Lego bricks and collect points, and there's even a speaker so that he can produce his usual wahoos. If the Lego Zelda leaks are accurate, they look like they'll be taking the more traditional set route, much like the Animal Crossing ones, but we'll have to wait for an official reveal.

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