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League of Legends Oceanic servers open, tourney at PAX AU

Riot Games is now allowing transfers to its brand spanking new Oceanic servers for League of Legends, ahead of an online tournament with finals to be played out at PAX Australia next month.

The Oceanic servers are locally hosted which should mean a tasty ping for Australians and to a lesser degree New Zealanders. They're currently in beta, but you can now transfer from NA, LATAM, Russia, Turkey, EUNE and EUW.

Transfers will be free for a limited time and come with a 100% IP and XP boost.

As detailed on the new Oceanic forums, you can transfer by cashing in a free transfer token found in the Other section of the in-game store. There's an FAQ for those wanting more details.

To celebrate the new servers, Riot will host an online tournament from July 6 to July 14. The top four teams will be sent to PAX Australia in Melbourne from July 19 through 21 to duke it out for cash prizes.

More details are promised soon.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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