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2XKO is getting one of League of Legends' coolest narrative features

It's no good the characters just being souless fighters, is it?

yasuo from the 2XKO trailer
Image credit: Riot Games

It's been revealed in a recent interview that 2XKO will be getting one of the best narrative features from both fighting games and League of Legends. Character interactions! Quick quips between the fighters that'll help fill the gaps between tense bust-ups.

This interview in question was done by Spanish player and content creator Sh4rin, who travelled to Berlin to try out the game at one of Riot Games' esports venues. In his interview, he asks creative director Mike Henry about whether or not character interactions will be coming to the game.

"Yes, that is a part of the plan," Henry responded, "We're going to show more of that as we go on. We think one of the most important parts of our IP is characters interacting with one another, and so we want to try and highlight that as time goes on".

Now, in current builds of the game, characters swoop in at the start of the round and pose up ready for a fight, and the game does a quick transition to rematch options/the main menu when a match is completed. These two spots are where, traditionally speaking, character interactions in fighting games occur. Either a quote or two is stated before a fight starts, or a win quote is given once a match concludes. It's a safe bet to assume this is what Henry is referring to here.

But, there's obviously room for further development here. In League of Legends, limited-time events have opened the door to further interactions between characters, and obviously outside of the game narrative pushes have proven especially successful in projects like Arcane, so perhaps the team will head in this direction. Time will tell!

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