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Korean Battlegrounds player Evermore wins gamescom solo invitational by trolling his way to the top

Kyo-min "Evermore" Koo, a Korean PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player, managed to win the first solo third-person gamescom invitational by sheer points.

This win has been the talk of the game's community since the moment it happened. While everyone tuned in expecting some top level firefights, they were surprised to see the winner getting there by mostly avoiding action.

Evermore scored the golden frying pan trophy and $15,000 simply for the fact he had more points (798) than anyone else, having remained alive just over 28 minutes.

The details of how this happened are even more interesting. In his first round, he went all the way to the starting island and spent most of the time making his way back to the main island being chased by the blue.

He showed impressive restraint and knew exactly when to heal, and which item to use. The blue eventually got to him after he scored a single kill, landing him at number 20.

See the first game below, via Battlegrounds Highlights.

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The second game saw a bit more action, but even still, he completely avoided confrontations. He ended up winning it with only two kills. The third game is the most impressive, however.

Repeating the same tactic from game one, Evermore again took a boat to the starting island. By the time the final few circles were identified, he realised that he'd need to go all the way to the military base island, that's almost across the entire map.

But he never gave up, he continued to overpower the blue several times until he finally reached the south side of military island. But it wasn't enough. After trying to climb the rocks a few times at different spots and failing, he eventually decided to scout for an easier spot down the coast. He ran across another player along the way and killed him.

This would be his only kill in that round. After finally finding a decent spot to climb from, he got stuck in the rocks - a bug Battlegrounds players are very familiar with. Even then, he kept on healing and healing until he used up all of the available healing items.

He finished at number nine, and this is the game that got him the $15,000 chicken dinner.

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It was such an unexpected display, surprising everyone for the sheer audacity of it. Evermore is no stranger to winning, though, he was among Korea's top-ranking Overwatch players before he quit professional gaming to become a streamer.

When accepting his prize, Evermore said that he was simply taking advantage of the tournament being based on points rather than kills. So, he decided to be defensive as much as possible.

That was a pretty spectacular first day.

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