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Kinect will sell for a profit, says Mattrick


No loss-leading here.

Kinect will retail at a profit, Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s interactive entertainment boss, has told the New York Times.

The motion device, which is about to be the subject of an advertising campaign that will cost around $500 million, will add to company revenues for every unit sold.

Mattrick told the publication that the first Kinect prototype cost Microsoft $30,000 to build, but 1,000 workers would eventually be involved in the project.

He said that Kinect has cost "hundreds of millions of dollars" to develop, but will retailer with a margin at $150 in the US and £130 in the UK.

Microsoft’s confirmed that Kinect’s “launch portfolio” consists of 17 titles in the US and 19 in Europe.

Kinect launches on November 4 in the US and November 10 in Europe.

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